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Comic for: April 26th, 2010
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At the Movies: "Alien Prequel"
Posted: Monday April 26th, 2010 by

In and interview with Ridley Scott, MTV got the director to fess up that he was planning a prequel to the sci-fi movie classic 'Alien'. [more info] In recent years the Aliens franchise has just kind of gotten raked over the cultural coals. Brutalized for the sake of sales that are almost assured. So, usually I wouldn't look kindly on this kind of news. But because it's Ridley Scott I'm willing to give the idea the benefit of the doubt.

And giving Ridley Scott the benefit of the doubt, of course, means giving myself an excuse to jab at George Lucas yet again. Not that I ever really need and excuse to publicly call him a hack. Still trying to figure out how to get a chance to let him know face to face.

Speaking of excuses, this news was just an excuse to draw a drooly xenomorph.

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