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Comic for: January 2nd, 2006
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World of Warcraft: "Gold Farming Nuisance"
Posted: Monday January 2nd, 2006 by

I'm still working on the site redesign, so the larger comics will have to wait a bit longer. But, I did go ahead and try out the new coloring style. My only regret... is that there's so much text it's covering up some of the artwork. **sighs**
[ Click Here to see the artwork from the comic without text. ]

Anywho... there's this instance in WoW called Dire Maul. Within Dire Maul you can find several class specific books like those mentioned in the comic. To be fair though, the Paladin one is actually call "The Light and How to Swing It". **rolls his eyes**

In general, I'm unfairly biased against Paladins. Probably extends back to my EQ days. I've tried to get over it though! I even made a Paladin in the hopes that I'd be a bit more forgiving. Hasn't worked yet.

Anywho, I'll get back to work on the site now. I think the larger format will definately help to NOT hide the artwork anymore.... I hope. **grins**

Hope your new year is turning out well so far.


Yes. That's a Tauren wearing a Dreadmist Mask. He's actually a Tauren Hunter but wears the mask as part of his wrestling persona. **rolls his eyes**

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