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Comic for: April 23rd, 2010
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Avatar: The Game: "The Possibilities"
Posted: Friday April 23rd, 2010 by

Jon Landau, a producer on the Avatar movie, has pointed a wiggly finger at 20th Century Fox blaming them for the video game translations poor sales. His contention is that Fox didn't "understand what Ubisoft needed to properly market the game". He also points at Fox's decision not to let Ubisoft release an early trailer.
Source: 1Up [ more info ]

Well from what I've seen over the years, the best way to get a game to sell is not to blow our minds with marketing it's to make a game that is either REALLY good or really REALLY bad. Unfortunately Avatar: the Game falls somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately it also gets pegged for having sub-par combat, an annoying camera, too much repetition in the campaigns. Put simply, it doesn't stun.

Now, I've mentioned that the movie didn't rock my world. I've seen MUCH better sci-fi movies, much better acting, and much better 3D. Put all that together and I left the theatre feeling as though the movie was competent. It was worth seeing. But I didn't feel it was worth the hype or the amount of money it made. **shrugs** With that in mind I feared the game translation that I KNEW was coming, would be miserable. Fortunately, or unfortunately if you subscribe to the "really good or really really bad" theory of successful game development, it skirted miserable but landed squarely at mediocre.

Please note, the comic was really just a weak delivery device to initiate the article I cited as the source for the first paragraph.

It should also be noted that my opinion of the game is based entirely on reviews from sites I trust. It is not based on direct experience playing the game. Obviously this makes my comments entirely unfair. I'd appreciate it if any of you that played the game took a minute to give us your impressions.

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