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Comic for: July 14th, 2006
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Guest Strip: "Grandma's Kidney"
Posted: Friday July 14th, 2006 by

I'm not sure if it's the vacant expressions, or the universe in the background, but something about this comic twinkles at the edge of abstract philosophical oddity. Unlike the other guest strips, I don't see anything in the joke here that needs to be explained. But, Tomas, if you're reading this... what's up with that planet?

Tomas had this to say in the email accompanying his submission. But it fails to settle the creepy feeling Ted without eyebrows instills in me:
[quote="Tomas M."]Dear Mr. Hearn,

I have always wanted to write to you to demonstrate my gratitude for
your bringing Gu on an almost daily basis. Visiting your site along
with PA have been a really good way to jump start my days as of late.
I unfortunately do not have a lot of time tonight to be able to write
all that I've wanted to say. Thus, I'll just get straight to the point
and present to you with a strip I would be very happy to see make it
to GU. If the dialogue needs changing, by God let it be changed.

I'll admit my work's satisfactory at best. I haven't been working at
it for too long a time though. I absolutely have a long, LONG way
to go as can be made evident from my drawing. Lighting and coloring
really seem to vex me.

Anyway, have a great time on your trips. I am looking forward to
seeing some of your sketches, to get a better feel of your technique.
Have you taken any formal art courses and do you ever do any realism
or things of the sort?[/quote]

I have what most people would cosider to be "formal" training. But the actuality is a bit lost on me. What I actually have is a long series of very expensive years where people older than me told me stuff I already knew. And yes, on occassion, I have been known to do non-cartooning work. But, I don't typically share that kind of work as it doesn't fit with the style framework of this website.


So, Tuesday is technically the last day I intended to use guest strips. I may keep the others in storage for a later date, or I might run them for the rest of the week, and take the extra time off to make the changes to the site I mentioned yesterday. Other options are that I could store them all in one place so everyone could see them, or I could use them to fill previous gaps in the comic caused by computer outages, moving, etc. **shrugs** I still haven't decided.

In any case, please feel free to keep submitting them to me via woody@gucomics.com. (Don't forget to put "Guest Strip" somewhere in the subject line.) They're all entertaining in their own right. And I like seeing the GU readership's talents in my inbox.

That being said feel free to express your talent in the YoHoHo! Puzzle Pirates "Design-An-Ad" contest as well. You could win as much as $250. More info is available via the GU Front Page.

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