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Commissions ( Last Updated: June 13th, 2021 )

Oktaya - GU-ized Character Sketch GU-ized - $50
You or your character drawn exactly how they would appear in a GU strip. You provide the picture/screenshot. I sketch, ink, color, and send you the final digital image. Quick and Easy! Typically 5x6" @ 300 dpi.

Email commissions@gucomics.com to get started.
Twitch Emotes Twitch Emotes - $50
Customer emotes for your Twitch stream in the GU style. We'll work together through sketch and color approval phases to match your current look, existing emotes, or create something new and different.

Sizes: 112x112 , 56x56 , 28x28.
All three required sizes included in cost. Multi-emote Package pricing coming soon!
Kelly S. - Kaisa - Half Body Character Sketch Half Body - $100
This is the most common commission. It's a single half body commissions drawn to order. Caricature or Character, whichever strikes your fancy. More detail than the GU-ized option. You get sketch approval before it moves to ink and color approval on the final piece. Typically 6x8" @ 300dpi.
Vojta J. - Svizel - Full Body Character Sketch Full Body - variable
Head to toe interpretation of your request. The pose and setting is up to you. As with the Half Body commission type, you get sketch approval before it moves to ink and color approval on the final piece. Typically 8x10" @ 300dpi.

Because the time required to produce each full body commission can vary dramatically, it's not feasible to offer static pricing for this option. Full Body commissions are billed at $50/hour and typically require 4 to 8 hours to complete, depending on complexity.

[ Click Here to see some examples below. ]

Please Note: This pricing structure applies only to artwork created for personal, non-commercial use. If you want artwork that will be associated with a business or for-profit venture, commission work will be billed at $100/hour.
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When you commission artwork, the finished artwork belongs to you. This means that at the end of the project the artwork is your to do with as you please. I do keep copies of all images for both my physical and digital portfolios.

Pieces are sketched and colored in Adobe Photoshop. The final product will be delivered at print resolution (300dpi) and internet resolution (72dpi) unless you request otherwise.

Please keep in mind though that the higher the final resolution, the longer the project will take, and thus the more time you will have to pay for.

Click for More Examples Contact Info
Collect as much info as you can about the piece you want including links, screenshots, pictures, your deadline, your budget range, and as much detail as you can give me about what you have in mind and send it to: commissions@gucomics.com

The Original
Please keep in mind that, like the color work, the sketch is produced digitally. This means the entire image only exists in a digital format.

Unless arrangements have been discussed to physically ship you a print of the complete commission, the final image will be delivered to you via email or made available as a download from the GU Comics website.

Invoices - IMPORTANT!
Every GU Commission is invoiced via e-mail. If you require a physical invoice, please let me know and I get one out in the mail to you after the commission is complete.

Accepted Payment Methods
All payments are handled through PayPal, which means we can accept the four major credit cards, most debit cards, direct paypal payments and e-checks.
Getting Started
If you've read the info above and decided that you might like to commission some artwork,
email me at:

Include the following information to help me get an idea of what would be required to complete the piece: Is it a caricature or a character sketch? If it's the latter, include the character's name, screenshots, character details (hair color, eye color, etc.), a description of exactly what you want (as specific as you can be), and anything else you think I should know to make the image look like what you're imagining.
The Process

After reading over the description, I'll email you and we'll talk about your commission further. When we're in agreement on what you're looking for, and the cost of the work, I will Invoice you via PayPal. When this Invoice is paid, work will begin on your commissions as soon as is possible. Because of the number of commission requests I tend to get (when I take them), please be aware that the usual waiting period before work commences can be up to several months. If you have a deadline sooner than this, you will need to make arrangements in advance of payment as it may impact your total cost.

For commission level other than "GU-ized", when the digital sketch is complete, it will be emailed to you for your approval. If changes need to be made, this is the best time to request them. Major changes later on COULD lead to further billable hours. If you approve of the sketch, I'll beging the ink and color phase immediately.

When the colored image is complete, I will email it to you. If color changes need to be made, just ask. Color changes are easy and can be made at NO cost to you.

When you're content with the image let me know that you consider the project done, I'll thank you again and our business is done.

Eric W. Testimonial
"I asked Woody to take on a very difficult commission: recreate a particularly memorable scene from EverQuest that occurred over 10 years ago using only low resolution screen shots and and my own memory of what our characters looked like; and to top it off, to do so at nearly a 7,000x10,000 resolution fit for hanging as a canvas print as a gift for my old gaming buddy. Woody has a unique ability to take a brief description like I provided and turn it into an amazing work of gaming art. I could not be more pleased with my experience and the great effort Woody put into making this commission special. I highly recommend his services."
~ Eric W.
Full size web image is 6000x9000 | Print to Canvas version is 20x30" @ 300 dpi.

Teamwork Testimonial
"From beginning to end, Woody was kind and professional. He captured the image in our heads perfectly and not only made it physical, but turned it into a masterpiece! He was honest about his limitations and worked with us to make sure we were 100% satisfied before it was sent to print. His attention to detail and accuracy to the source material was above and beyond what we expected. We will recommend him to everyone who wants a piece of art done in this style. It's worth every cent."
~ Tyler S. and Josh K.
Full size web image is 12000x6000 | Print to Canvas version is 40x20" @ 300 dpi.
I reserve the right to decline any commission request for any reason.
All quotes are in US denominations.

GU-ized Character Sketch - $50
Ryan F. - Ironfist - GU-ized Character Sketch
Full size web image is 800x600 | Print version is 8x6" @ 300 dpi

Half Body Character Sketch - $100
Justin T. - Master Chief - Half Body Character Sketch
Full size web image is 800x600 | Print version is 8x6" @ 300 dpi

Full Body Character Sketch - $200
Alain D. - Tusky - Full Body Character Sketch
Full size web image is 800x1000 | Print version is 8x10" @ 300 dpi
$150 - Zombification
Sean C. - Zombification
Full size web image is 800x1000
Print version is 16x20" @ 300 dpi

$125 - Logo Illustration
Brett R. - Should Be Working - Logo
Full size web image is 600x600
Print version is 6.3x6.7" @ 300 dpi

$175 - GU-ized Guild Crest
Mark S. - Guild Crest
Full size web image is 800x1000
Print version is 8x10" @ 300 dpi

Multi-Character Image for Print to Canvas - undisclosed
Teamwork - Multi-Character Image
Full size web image is 12000x6000 | Print version is 40x20" @ 300 dpi
GU Commissions
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