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Comic for: July 13th, 2006
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Guest Strip: "Calv-Boy"
Posted: Thursday July 13th, 2006 by

All of the guest strips have confused me on some level. But this one really zipped right over my head. I know it's a comic based on Three Rings' new game Bang! Howdy, and a person's ability to customize their character by buying "stuff". But, beyond that, I'm a touch lost. I've included the text from the email below; but, again, let's hope the creator will grace us with a visit and an explanation of what's going on in the strip.

[quote="Mads Jespersen"]Well.. hello, just made a guest strip - don't know if it can be used, but if it can that would be great.

Enjoy your "vacation"

Mads Jespersen

Out of curiosity, and the unending need to make sure GU never links you guys to something terrible, I followed the link included below the comic: http://www.madsjespersen.dk

What I found was some very intriguing photographs. So, drop by there and check it out. I promise they aren't as confusing as the comic.


After having read this comic, I'm growing ever more concerned that my own strips have the same effect: they zip right over most people's heads. I try desperately to simplify them and to include most of the required foundation for the joke. But, then again, I've always been fond of the idea that the comics convince you guys to go out and read gaming news from around the web. I've etched this ridiculous notion in the depths of my brain that GU is, for the most part, a "political" comic. Meaning I imagine its intent as being social commentary on the gaming landscape, and I assume the readership are "up" on current gaming news and events.

I know. I know. It's a huge assumption. It's almost like I have this expectation for the average GU reader to be far above average when it comes to knowledge of the gaming world at large. Probably not the best idea when it comes right down to getting people to read the comic. But hey... now you have a good excuse when/if a "joke" flies over your head right?

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