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Comic for: July 17th, 2006
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Guest Strip: "Vacation"
Posted: Monday July 17th, 2006 by

I'm just a few hours from heading back home from my vacation and I need another one. Or maybe, to be more accurate, I need a REAL one. So much went on from the time I left until now that the only thing that makes it seem like a vacation is the fact that I wasn't sleeping in my own bed.

On that note, the guest strip for today ended up being topically appropriate. It's a two person effort as described in the email I received with the submission:
[quote=20060717]Hi Woody!

I'm a long time reader of your comic and I love it. (compliments first, lol!)
This is my submission to you. Our holiday is two weeks away. And the weeks before a vacation always seem too long.
So when my nephew Roeland drew this warrior elf on his new wacom tablet I just thought: warriors need holidays too.

hope you like it!

greetings, Linda, Holland[/quote]

Thanks Linda and Roeland.


So yesterday my best friend got married to a great girl and it put a lot things in perspective for me. Primary amongst them, wearing a suit to an outdoor wedding is stupid.

We were told a few months ago that the attire for the wedding should be semi-formal. Once we got here, I heard word that the dress code should be "something you might wear to church". The two dress codes are vastly different and there's no way I would have worn a suit had I known that almost everyone else was going to be there in a button up shirt sans tie.

Please note: I don't blame Richard and Suzanne in the least. They had plenty of other crap to think about and deal with leading up to their big day. I just should have been my typical self and rebelled against what was "acceptable". In this case it would have turned out fine.

To clarify, any "vacation" that involves a wearing a suit is not really a vacation.

So yeah. Conratulations Suzanne and Richard... you no shoe wearing, while I'm decked out in a suit, hippies.

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