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Comic for: January 25th, 2006
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Bullet Proof: "9mm Encouragement"
Posted: Wednesday January 25th, 2006 by

While the forums were down, I wanted to post fairly simple, straight-forward comics that didn't need writeups. But, alas people have requested writeups anyway, so here goes:


Placeholders: The Mob's Perspective (1/23)
It's a commonly known fact that in EQ there are such things as "placeholders". That is to say that certain mobs would pop in the place of the mob you actually wanted. Said mob had to be destroyed. But, on exceedingly rare spawns, like... oh... the Ancient Cyclops... there were a LOT of placeholders. So, the joke idea Salizzar submitted was basically the idea of a rare spawn having to wait in line behind all his placeholders. And, like anyone else, he's probably not too happy about the delay.

Booth Babes (1/24)
There has always been a rule at E3 that booth babes shouldn't be wearing bikini-esque outfits. But, until this year, it's gone largely ignored. Everytime the convention staff would come to request the booth babes get dressed, they simply moved on before the convention staff got to them. This year (2006) however, the E3 staff has decided to back the rule with some real chops. If a Booth Babe is caught violating the dress code, her sponsor will get handed a $5000 fine. Whoopsy!
[i]Source: GameSpot [ more info ]

9mm Encouragement (1/25)
So, despite getting pretty much slammed by gaming press reviews, rapper 50 Cent's game "BulletProof" has gone platinum. The way I see it, the only reason 50 got people to buy his game, was because he stood outside game stores and "strongly suggested" that gamers shell out their allowance for it.
[i]Source: GameSpot [ more info ]

He's Here (1/26)
The foks at Mythic invited me out to DC to visit their studios and see what they're up to. And, the idea of Ted in our nations capital amused me.

Ted was here (1/27)
I couldn't have the build of the 1/26 comic without having some kind of pay off. Could I?

It's nice... but... (1/30)
I've see links to uber gear in guild chat, the trade channel, general, etc etc etc. So, of course, I look over all the nifty stats and crap. But, I wouldn't be the cynic you all expect if I didn't say something snide.

Deadrick's Tongue (1/31)
This idea came to me while I was listening to som ex guildies talk about a high level raid mob they were working on. It was very much "everything was going fine until" situation. And I like to make up my own endings for those things. You know like: Everything was going fine until... the monkey absconded with my last popsicle.

Deadrick's Tongue (2/1)
Now, because of the name in the 1/31 panel, I knew it was an undead guy stuck to the ice giant. Then it occurred to me WHY he might have gotten his tongue stuck. Being a warrior meant being up close in melee range... but being one of the undead with no bottom jaw completed the picture for me. And I just HAD to draw it.


So there you have it; a look into the midnset behind the comics that were posted while the forums were down.

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