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Comic for: October 10th, 2014
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Gaming News: "Frugal"
Posted: Friday October 10th, 2014 by

Our gaming news compatriots over at Kotaku tested the waters of next-gen expenditure by surverying their readership. The survey was used to gauge how money participants spent on each console. [more info] The expenses icluded, in some cases, the purchase of an HDTV to get the full effect of a console's graphical power.

In the article, gamers who spent $400-500 on the PS4 were dubbed "more frugal" which, in context, is wholly accurate. Spending $400 is certainly "more frugal" than spending over $6000 as one responder did. I crossed my eyes at that and immediately classified myself as cheap for having not purchased any of the next-gen consoles at all. I've got a 360 and a canceled Xbox Live subscription (for policies, not price). That's plenty enough excitement for me and my wallet.

But, I'm not really "cheap" though. I've probably spent more than the non-frugal range on tabletop games - over that same amount of time - as these survey participants spent on their consoles. It depends on your gaming vice, I guess. I just hope they enjoy their consoles as much as I enjoy the contents of "the big black cabinet". [more info]

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