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Comic for: October 6th, 2014
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World of Warcraft: "Eighty-Five"
Posted: Monday October 6th, 2014 by

However much I want to be done leveling Noemus, this comic isn't true. I didn't forget the level cap. The truth is that Cataclysm is my least favorite expansion by a long shot. So, finishing it's content and moving on to Pandaria is sweet relief. What I've found thus far is that at least the first level of the Alliance side Pandaria content is noticeably different from the Horde. This is nice. Pandaria may be me favorite expansion (by a long shot) but you can only do it so many times before you're willing to play the other faction.

Some things I would like to note here about playing the opposite faction. I've seen a few Horde members do the very things I absolutely HATE when the Alliance does it to me. Chief among these is spawn ganking. I'll be standing there patiently waiting my turn and some assclown will run in, stand on the spawn spot so that it flags them when it spawns, and kill my mob. It's infuriating. That being said though the number of incidences is far less than I've encountered in the reverse. But what's worse is the number of times my own Alliance faction members do it to me. No wonder those of you I've encounter when I'm playing Horde side are such bastards. Not only do you have to suffer through Horde members dicking you over, you have to deal with your own team doing it too. That sucks. I feel bad for you non-asshats on the Alliance side that have to deal with this expansion after expansion.

In playing Noemus, I was holding out hope for some sense of redemption, seeing the Alliance in a different way. Nope. Doing it for another 60 levels after I initially quit, my opinion is actually worse. That's a bit sad, no?

NOTE: (Edited to add.)
I fully believe the situation is different from server to server. And I will say this, the issue only got worse and more one-sided when the virtual merges started happening.

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