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Comic for: April 18th, 2014
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JetGetters: "Reciprocity"
Posted: Friday April 18th, 2014 by

Seattle-based tinyBuild Games decided to Kickstart a mid-air, jet-stealing, multiplayer shooter they called JetGetters. They raised more than they asked for, before cancelling the Kickstarter campaign yesterday. The reason given was a "delay in the development cycle" extending from having found an investor that they didn't feel they could bring up to speed in time for the scheduled release later this year. I appreciate their altruism; they didn't want to take the money from Kickstarters knowing they would miss their deadline by several months. [more info] But, if they explained the situation to their backers, I'm certain most of them would stick around. Money is money, you know? Whether we get the game in time for the holiday season or have to wait until early next year, Kickstarter lets us feel like we're helping bring a title to market.

I guess it just feels to me like they're leaving money sitting on the table. But maybe there's more to it than they can really explain. Or, maybe they feel they can make more per unit if they don't have a Kickstarter discount messing with the take. **shrugs** I don't know. But, gamers were already throwing their money at tinyBuild. Cancelling the Kickstarter because an investor threw money at them instead is just... well... disappointing.

Being a good-guy-game-developer though, tinyBuild is going to give everyone that attempted to back JetGetters access to "all 7" of their games. That all 7 is in quotes because only three of them have been released thus far.

Did any of you back the game? How do you feel about them cancelling the campaign?

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