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Comic for: October 13th, 2010
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Dead Rising 2: "Considering Your Attire"
Posted: Wednesday October 13th, 2010 by

Stormy lead into this joke idea with a seemingly innocuous statement: "One of the fun aspects of [Dead Rising 2] is that you can run around in any of the clothes you find in the game - and they put some 'interesting' items in there for you to find". Indeed Stormy; that is a fun aspect of the game. She then gave me the clothes Chuck should be wearing in the comic. Unfortunately you can't see the white cowboy boots that really pull this ensemble together.

Given the outfit, I entirely understand and even respect his daughter Katey's decision to just go ahead and go with the zombies. Children grow up embarrassed by their parents even in the best of circumstances. But let's face it, even in a world turned on its ear by zombies, that outfit is NOT the best of circumstances.

Now if you're curious, yes you can wear each of those things. Though having not played the game I don't know if you can wear it all together. I'm assuming you can. I'll get Stormy to confirm it when she shows up. It should be noted though that the yellow jacket was not on her list. I tossed it in to help make the guy in the banana hammock more identifiable. Though honestly most of you probably knew which game series the comic was about based on the presence of the "funny servbot mask".

Now to everyone that now can't shake that disturbing green junk holder of a bathing suit... my deepest apologies. Take solace in the knowledge that I can't unsee it either.


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Thanks for considering it guys!
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