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Comic for: October 14th, 2010
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Stormhaven: "The Right Response"
Posted: Thursday October 14th, 2010 by

I'll admit to modifying this chat but only slightly. I never called Stormhaven a pervert. I suggested that she go wash her brain. And I added "wait..." into the fourth box to eat up some of the extra whitespace there. If it's not obvious this is a conversation we had while I was finishing up Monday's Batman/Captain Winky comic.

In the months since Stormhaven started working with me to write comics we've had a lot of conversations like this. Many of them are much more humorous or just plain off the wall. Such as the conversation where I suggested she down some Jose Quervo and cut off several of her toes.

I'm convinced we could illustrate these conversations as a comic in and of themselves. Not a guy and a penguin sitting at their computers typing but rather drawing out the ideas as a story. For the moment though I'm content to bring it to you like GUTV just without the cameras, semi-relevant music, and you know... movement.


The AFS is doing alright; you guys have hit 14% of the total need. But that 14% gets GU out of the deep dark woods. I can almost see light. The interesting thing is that AFS is usually driven by commissions. This go around it seems to be largely driven by original panel sales. And that's cool. I'd love to see the massive collection of panels I have thinned out knowing that the art has a new home on someone's wall somewhere. I appreciate your continued support and hope we can take in a handful more commissions. And really hope we can move some more of the original panels. There are still over 980 to choose from and most of those are $25 or less. [ pricelist ]

Anywho thanks again for considering it!
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