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Comic for: August 18th, 2010
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World of Warcraft: "Collector's Edition"
Posted: Wednesday August 18th, 2010 by

Blizzard has announced the Collector's Edition details for Cataclysm, the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. It's a fairly standard go of things: exclusive behind-the-scenes dvd; soundtrack; artbook; WoW: trading card game starter pack with several exclusive cards; a cataclysm themed mousepad; and an exclusive L'il Deathwing in-game pet.

Typically I don't go in for the Collector's Edition stuff. But not because I don't think the extras are cool. Mostly because I rarely feel inclined to fork over the extra cash. In this particular case I would dig the pet and the artbook, but like Stormy said, everything else would pretty much sit in that big box taking up space.

I've been playing a Goblin in beta. I have to say there's little doubt I'll be buying this expansion. And as much as I would like to have a little deathwing pet and that artbook, I'm not convinced that I actually need the CE to be content.

How about yourselves? Playing beta? Buying the expansion? Buying the CE? Think the Blizzard "Marketplace" is wrong?

Gosh you guys sure do have a lot to talk about while I log back in. **coughs**

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