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Comic for: August 17th, 2010
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Woody & Ted: "Say Again?"
Posted: Tuesday August 17th, 2010 by

I'm not sure why Stormhaven was suddenly so smitten with the idea of using expanding foam in a comic. But, she worked the joke until it made sense to me. Though she swears the stuff is a great insulator, and I don't disagree. Unless the plan was to include a cooling source of some kind, the expanding foam would only serve to keep the heat of the consoles in basically forcing the units to overheat. Well you and I both know Ted is smart enough to not make a silly mistake like that. So I can only imagine what the actual design entailed. It should be noted that this may or may NOT have been part of the basement project. **shrugs**

Now while we're on the subject of mods, let's talk about your favorite console, PC case, peripheral mods, etc. I'll get us started.

When I first got into the Guitar Hero games, activating Star Power almost always threw me off my game, causing me to miss notes. Basically meaning the Star Power was all but wasted. I started bumping the Select button with the heel of my hand. This seemed to work better than tilting the guitar. But it was still an ineffective hand movement. My solution was to try to create a Star Power pedal.

I bought a cheap FAB distortion pedal, a PS2 cord extension (all the guitars were corded back then), some extra wires, an interrupt button, etc. The idea was simple, solder some wire to the select button, run the extra wire down the cable, attach it to a button mounted in the FAB pedal, BLAM! Star Power Pedal. It would be exactly the same as bumping the select button, except that I could do it with my foot.

Unfortunately it didn't go that smoothly. The wire wouldn't fit within the existing cable it would have to be separate which was annoying. I accidentally fritzed the board in the guitar while soldering it and that was that. I was done. The pedal did end up working as a really nifty little cable extender though. I continued to use it until we switched over to the wireless guitars.

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