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Comic for: August 16th, 2010
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Everquest; World of Warcraft: "Hardcore"
Posted: Monday August 16th, 2010 by

I'm ridiculously casual in my game play style. That is to say, I'm not the raiding type. I've been invited to tag along on a few uber-guild raids just so I could see what it was like. But, as intense as that COULD be, keep in mind I had zero responsibility. Well except "stand where we say and don't get us all killed". You know, no pressure.

Since I haven't ever REALLY raided, it's probably best to let Stormy take it from here.

So says Stormhaven:
The general idea for this comic came right from my personal experience with WoW and EQ. Back in the EQ/Kunark/Velious/PoP days, my guild and I would consider a 8-hour raid with 60 to 80 people pretty normal - sometimes extending into multiple days if we had to "clear trash bosses" on the way and had a few wipes. Patch day? EQ was like a second job. It didn't help that our server was pretty competitive and we had multiple high-end guilds fighting for the best loot spawns so if you didn't get moving, you were going to miss out and have to wait another week for a respawn.

When I got over my "big guild burn-out" in WoW, I recalled the first time I did a clear of Blackwing Lair in four or five hours - many of the comments in guildchat revolved around how the guild was so hardcore doing it in a single day, how the tactics were so spot on (maintaining a heal chain for a 5 minute fight is hard after all), and how we were awesome because we had 40 people in a single guild. I remember thinking, "Aww... isn't that cute? They think they're hardcore."

So let's hear it; what's your best/worst raiding stories? We're also happy to hear brutal stories about item camping.

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