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Comic for: August 20th, 2010
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Rock Band: "Her Words!"
Posted: Friday August 20th, 2010 by

When Stormhaven plays Rock Band, she plays the drums. So when she sent me a message that read "gah! FU Ministry!" I knew what she was referring to. See Rock Band 2 got a Ministry 3 pack DLC a few days ago. But, on the off chance she was referring to something else I asked for clarification. Apparently her roommate had grabbed the download. She then tossed out some expletives and let me know that her "leg hurts".

She managed 71% of the notes but believes she made 52% of them up. So she asked that I show a drum set with a couple of broken heads, one of them just hanging by the wires, and a drumstick sticking out of the tv screen. Sounded like a plan to me. So I put her initial comment in there exactly as she typed it. Then I asked if I could add the "FU in the face" bit. She agreed and a comic was born.

Of course, I also had to add Igloo walls in the background because, well, she's a penguin.

Any of you still playing Rock Band? Looking forward to RB3? RB drummers, encountered a song yet that frustrated you so much you hurled one of your drum sticks?

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