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Comic for: July 9th, 2010
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Rock Band: "Hypocrisy Bear II"
Posted: Friday July 9th, 2010 by

Remember Tuesday I mentioned that I asked Stormy if we could spend the rest of the week destroying Chad Kroeger in various ways? And that she said no they didn't really deserve it? Well what she actually did was ask if I thought he was interesting enough. To which my response was simply "nope". But I did think he was "douchey" enough to deserve it. She agreed and I illuminated that my sister had "Like"d Nickelback on Facebook so I defriended her. It was a joke but Stormy was unphased. That's why she does the writing now.

About 30 minutes later she asked if I'd ever done a VH1 Behind the Music spoof. She went on to explain that maybe we could "work that in with Nickelback". A second comic about Nickelback that wasn't depicting Chad Kroeger being brutalized? Ewww! No. Then she told me the joke. Which I thought was funny enough to close out the week.

So here we are. And that's GU1's Behind the Comic.

Side Note: Like any good episode of Behind the Music, this episode of Behind the Comic had some discussion of pharmaceuticals, necrophelia and doughnuts. But for the sake of maintaining her relative integrity, I will not be telling you about what Stormhaven does with her free time or why my doughnuts can sing in perfect harmony.

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