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Comic for: July 12th, 2010
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World of Warcraft: "10 Years of GU"
Posted: Monday July 12th, 2010 by

I promised YEARS ago that if GU made it to 10 years, I'd recreate Ding! -the most popular strip in GU history- in my current style. Well GU turned 10 Saturday and I'm working on fulfilling that promise. I was busy this weekend and didn't get to work on the image until late last night. So all I've got for you at the moment are the inks color flats.

So who's the dragon? Well back in the day when Welor first presented me with the idea for the original comic, he just said "have a dragon with a bunch of dead players around it, and have the dragon shouting DING!" I colored the dragon green to contrast him against the bodies of the players. In later years people just assumed it was Trakanon. **shrugs** There was no reason to argue the point, a green dragon is a green dragon right?

So if EQ players saw Trakanon in the old Ding, I figured I might as well embrace the idea and use the most current badass dragon for the revisit. And the most badass dragon I can think of right now is Deathwing. With Cataclysm coming up, it all makes sense.

I'll post the full color image as soon as it's done. I wish my computer was more healthy, I'd love to stream the rest of the process for you guys.


Update 7/14:
The Re-Ding! comic is finally done. I've added the "deep shadows" and touched up a few spots. Re-Ding!
For much closer detail shots, visit the GU Fancast.

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