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Comic for: July 5th, 2010
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APB: All PointsBulletin: "Audio Ads"
Posted: Monday July 5th, 2010 by

When Stormy and I first discussed this comic idea APB: All Points Bulletin hadn't been released yet. So when Real Time Worlds announced they would be adding audio ads to the game's text chat, I assumed the worst.

I've never been a fan of adding something to a game that disrupts or distracts from gameplay. So seeing how/when the adds would be applied made my spine itch:
“You will receive a short audio ad once every 3 hours. HOWEVER ads will only be heard when first entering a district.

So for example:
1) You start up the game and enter the social district.
2) You will hear a short audio ad.
3) You stay in social for 2 hours and then switch to an action district.
4) Upon entering the action district you will NOT hear an ad.
5) You play in the action district for 5 hours and do not hear any ads.
6) You exit the game.
7) You start up the game at a later time and enter a district.
8) You will hear a short audio ad.”
From APB Community Officer Toxico via the APB Forums

Players in the APB community, at the time at least, were miffed because this was being added to the game on top of being made to subscribe for game time after being told initially the game would be free to play. I can see where they're coming from but ultimately felt that, as long as they fit within the context of the game, it wouldn't bother me personally. And thus far the only report I've heard about them since the game's release is that they're not "intrusive". **shrugs**

So has anyone been playing this that can offer us more specific details on the in game audio ads?

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