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Comic for: July 6th, 2010
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Rock Band: "Hypocrisy Bear"
Posted: Tuesday July 6th, 2010 by

Let me be straight with you here, I don't like the band Nickelback or their music. I've got my reasons but they're not really worth mentioning. I just wanted to put that out there, up front, so those that disagree can shrug and move on ignoring the rest of this writeup which I imagine will demonstrate more of my bias.

So some of you will remember a couple of years ago Nickelback's lead singer, Chad Kroeger, railed on rhythm games, tell folks who play them to put down the plastic controllers and pick up a real guitar. [more info] I sputter and spit when someone says this because it's ignorant and completely misses the point. I don't tell them what they should do in their free time, why the hell are they telling me... Sorry. Started to rant there for a minute.

Well, now that the band has six songs coming to Rock Band DLC [more info] and they're releasing a Nickelback Tap Tap Revenge app [more info] for the iPhone, he's turned a 180 and thinks music games are "very cool". I may be able to abide crappy, repetitive music (I did grow up in the 80's after all) but blatant hypocrisy makes my skull ache.
Source: Joystiq [ more info ]

I asked Stormhaven if we could spend the rest of the week destroying Kroeger in various ways. I figure as long as we slap the word "hypocrisy" on the front it should all be relevant. You know, have half of his body being squeezed out the end of a Hypocrisy Meat Grinder. Smoosh him under the terrible weight of the Hypocrisy Bus. Stormy said no though, rightly surmising that he and his band really aren't worth that much more attention. So I'll settle for Hypocrisy Bear.

And a word to the wise for the rest of you who succumb to douchebaggery and say one thing while doing another, Hypocrisy Bear is watching.

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