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Comic for: July 2nd, 2010
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World of Warcraft: "Dammit Greg III"
Posted: Friday July 2nd, 2010 by

As soon as Stormy said "charred people-stumps" in the last Dammit Greg writeup, I knew this had to be the comic to end the week. Charred and smoking, yet still SOMEHOW babbling on about WoW. Admit it, if nothing else, you admire Greg's tenacity and the ability of the bottom of his tie to defy gravity and remain aloft. Yes I did that intentionally. It didn't look enough like the original Greg picture without it. Though I'm sure you guys would have "gotten it" any way, leaving it in there amused me.

Now the truly sad part about this comic is that it's was an actual issue I had with Blizzard support. I wanted to enter the StarCraft 2 specific beta key and the site told me the key had already been used. So I used an extra card Blizzard had given me. Same thing. Then Taks let me put hers in. Same thing again. Well, I'd never entered any of the codes before. And try as I might the support guy wasn't hearing anything I had to say. It was all very frustrating and I never did get the benefit of having not one but three StarCraft 2 specific beta keys.

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