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Comic for: January 22nd, 2010
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EverQuest: "Stuffed Jealousy"
Posted: Friday January 22nd, 2010 by

When SOE announced that they would be donating $10 to Haiti Relief Efforts for every 500 Station Cash points spent on certain items, I thought it was a fabulous idea. And when I saw that the EQ item was a plush bear, my decision was made. Initially I called the in-game teddy Mr. Binkybear. But without the missing button eye and the patches, it just wasn't the same.

I wanted to post something about the bear and the other Station Cash items that were being sold to benefit Haiti relief effort when it would still have some kind of impact. But an idea just wasn't presenting itself. Hell this one only came to me this morning after I'd already committed to drawing the bears together in the same panel.

For those of you still interested in donating to the relief efforts in Haiti, there are a myriad of ways to do so. The most popular right now seems to be to text “HAITI” to 90999. This results in a $10 donation which will appear on your cell phone bill.

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