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Comic for: January 25th, 2010
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EverQuest: "You Asked For It"
Posted: Monday January 25th, 2010 by

I'll be honest with you here, the only reason this comic exists is because I'm tired of people asking where the Avatar comic is.

Taks and I went to see the movie. It wasn't bad. I liked it. I just don't understand the hype spiral that continues to swirl around this film. Of course one's enjoyment of it is purely subjective. So, my opinion is no more valid than anyone else's. Let's just say there was a reason I hadn't done an Avatar comic.

As a Sci-Fi film, I think District 9 was better crafted, felt bigger, was more engrossing, and I could relate to the characters easier. As a 3D experience, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs seemed to have a better grasp on how the brain processes depth and actually felt like it had some dimensionality to it, rather than feeling like it was comprised of flat set pieces sliding over each other*. I honestly think I'll like this movie more when I see it without the 3D elements to annoy/distract me.

Some folks are going to get angry with me over that assessment. And that's okay. This is just one artist's opinion. Obviously I'm biased by my own experiences. I don't expect other people to share my perspective. As such, when you post your own opinions, please don't direct them at me (or anyone else for that matter). Let them stand on their own merits.

* Not all of the 3D scenes felt like this.

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