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Comic for: January 21st, 2010
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Free Realms: "Maybe Not So Much"
Posted: Thursday January 21st, 2010 by

Let's see if I can break down the process of constructing this comic. I've been playing Free Realms. Taks mentioned Pickles in Hats in her post to the Flight for Air Climb thread. I re-read the thread associated with the Pickled in Hats comic. Lakoda had suggested that it could be a puzzle game where the different hats gave different abilities. I subsequently expanded on the idea. Later that day I was playing Free Realms and in changing jobs I watched the character hop up, change clothes, thus changing abilities. Pickles in Hats I thought... except without pickles. I jokingly told Taks this was how we were going to pay for theKid to go to college.

Not being one to pass up on material, I jotted it down. I just had to figure out the delivery method. Ted was a much more obvious brush with which to paint the scene. Now in GU canon Ted works at Raptor Guts Studios. But every person working on a game has dreams of working at their OWN studio. So I ran with the notion. The fact that he uses my middle name against me in the same bubble he uses the word poop is just icing on the evil truth in comedy cake.

Now to address all the damn bubbles...
Sometimes I want to tell a story, and only having one panel to do, it just doesn't serve me. But when there is no visual gag what's the point of drawing it out across multiple panels? Whoops unintentional spotlight on my own industry there.

Alrighty, my work here is done. I'll leave you to discuss.

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