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Comic for: January 14th, 2010
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EverQuest: "Why We Wait"
Posted: Thursday January 14th, 2010 by

When I log in to play EQ I often spend a considerable chunk of time responding to tells. This can sometimes lead to a healthy wait for anyone who wanted to go out adventuring with me. So the comic was written for Vhah, I just thought it would be more funny if it came from the Lizard (even though we have played together since he got me killed that last time).

To make sure no one gets me wrong here, I don't mind getting tells at all. I enjoy talking to fans of the comic. I try to respond to every tell I get. And in the real world I do the same with PMs and emails.


While I have your attention, I'd like to encourage you to contribute to GU in some form IF YOU CAN. Because of the way payment structures work in the advertising world I still haven't been paid for October (by contract, not because I'm being ignored like with my previous provider). It's a long time to go without money. And I need to generate some funds if I can.

Commissions are open. I can even talk to you about working on your image live. So you can watch it come together. Prints and Original Panels are available via the GU Store.

The GU Fancast is up and running, with new content getting posted every few days. Or if you prefer you can Donate. But, I encourage you to get something for your money.

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