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Comic for: January 13th, 2010
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Free Realms: "Being A Brawler"
Posted: Wednesday January 13th, 2010 by

So I've talked a few times now about the ease of entry into the world of Free Realms. This ease spans across all elements of the game. The UI, the card game, questing... and fighting.

Combat in FR goes like this, head into an instance, aim yourself for the nearest group of badies, smash them a couple of times, then do a super awesome spin attack that leaves them all dazed on the ground (then they fade away). Waltz over to the next group, lather, rinse, repeat. Now on the surface that must sound absolutely boring. It's not. Well... at least it's not for me.

To start with I was smitten with the power of the Ninja, but the Brawler class really seems to have some chops. I haven't tried the archer or wiggle finger classes yet.

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