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Comic for: January 12th, 2010
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Everquest: "Just A Piece II"
Posted: Tuesday January 12th, 2010 by

I logged into both EQ and EQ2 to shift around my UI's a bit, adjust the transparencies, hide what I could. See if I couldn't trim the fat a bit. And I'm relatively happy with what I ended up with. But I did still want to do a follow up to yesterday's jab.

When I was doing research to make sure I stayed true to something Xzibit would actually say, I watched a few episodes of Pimp My Ride. In so doing I really paid attention to what the customizers were actually doing to the cars. It was kind of ridiculous. I realize the folks were starting off with junkers. But there was so very little of what was added that was truly practical. For the most part they were being given backs cars that really only work for display.

Maybe I'm just too much of a pragmatist to accept the need of having a monitor in each of the rear doors, on the back of each seat, in the dash, and a couple more in the trunk. Or perhaps I just can't process the long term value of having a chocolate fondue fountain in the back with hydraulic compartments to raise wine, wine glasses, and a rose out of no where to "impress" your date. Ladies are you impressed by things like that?

Anywho, with all this in mind I reapplied the position of shunning excess when it came to something like a UI and found that my inclinations held true. Sure I like smooth, seamless graphics around my necessary interface bits. But I don't need it to be over the top to make me happy. Clean and easy to use appeals to me the most.

Sorry for talking about UI's for a second day in a row. But I couldn't resist the obvious follow up after watching a handful of the shows.

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