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Comic for: January 15th, 2010
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Free Realms: "What Would Ted Do"
Posted: Friday January 15th, 2010 by

While playing Free Realms I get a lot of unwanted friend requests and guild invites. To stop the guild invites at least, I decided to make my own, one man guild. Luckily this is possible in FR. The problem, apparently, was with the guild name I chose: "What Would Ted Do".

I read the rules, and I can't figure out why this name was rejected. In searching for answers I couldn't find a way to contact GMs in game. So, I asked on the FR community forums and got responses that neither answered the question nor really helped me derive one from existing data. Which lead me to the only recourse I have left at my disposal: angry comics. If there's an SOE person reading, I'd appreciate it someone could let me know why this name isn't okay.

In the meantime Ted Prescott is the only person in the one-man guild the Stumpcutter's Brigade. **shrugs** Whatever works right?

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