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Comic for: May 27th, 2009
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Woody & Ted: "Freakin' Comcast"
Posted: Wednesday May 27th, 2009 by

Some of you may remember a few weeks back I complained about how Comcast shut down my ability to use port 25, then while we were trying to figure out the problem they swore they'd shut down port 25 "a year ago", despite the fact that I had been using it just that morning. Now I'm right back in the same boat: fighting with them to try to figure out how to send and receive emails through my own mail server since, you know, I PAY for that right. And of course they swear they've done nothing, there's no blocks associated with my address, etc. The problem with that assertion is that no settings have been changed on my computer or on my server.

Now Tom, the consumate server guy, is working double duty (my crap and his real job) trying to get something figured out to help me solve the problem.

So yeah, if you read GU, enjoy it, and work at Comcast, I emplore you... please post signs all over your office, work vehicle, etc. that say "Woody Says Comcast Sucks". Thanks for your compliance!

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