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Comic for: October 13th, 2008
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BlizzCon '08: "Step Behind the Line"
Posted: Monday October 13th, 2008 by

Folks that were at BlizzCon probably saw the title of the comic and assumed I meant one of the Blizzard Store lines or the Jinx line. Then they read the comic itself and probably had Hall C closing ceremony flashbacks.

I've mentioned already that one of my first BlizzCon '08 experiences was a security guard treating my Kid like he had the plague and was going to contaminate the entire convention center. I haven't mentioned yet that one of my last BlizzCon '08 experiences was a security guard treating me like I was a five year old, and despite my press badge, I had no business standing in a place long enough to get a few decent shots of the sheer size of the audience.

NOTE! I don't blame Blizzard for this, and I hate that it comes across as "taking it out on BlizzCon". I'm assuming these security guards were associated purely with the convention space itself. And in both cases it was not what they were asking me to do that I had a problem with, it was the manner with which they handled themselves that I took exception to.

At the cost of making some security guards in the crowd mad at me, this kind of flawed situational awareness and lack of effective communication skills seems to be entirely too common amongst the "rent-a-cop" protect and serve subset. The guy enforcing the imaginary line was shorter than me and seemed to be exerting what little power he had in an effort to make up the difference.

Ughh, I should probably stop before I go into full tirade mode. Or, am I there already?

Freakin hell. The guy in the comic is NOT me. I wanted to draw a big guy in there to play against the small size of the security guy. I am NOT a big guy.

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