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Comic for: October 10th, 2008
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Woody & Ted: "I, Cynic."
Posted: Friday October 10th, 2008 by

I actually used the air filter line while playing WoW a couple of weeks back talking to one of the folks in the ex-guildee chat channel. I've been trying to work it into a comic since. And with a trip out to BlizzCon (Thanks Blizzard RTS Team!) I had to do today's and yesterday's comic Wednesday. So I figured what better time? And hey what better reason than to give Blizzard crap right?

The impetus behind the comic is pretty accurate though. Every convention I go to, I meet folks who know who I am. That's just the nature of the GU beast. But very often I hear comments like "I read GU every day" and, well, I just can't believe that. Why? Because I make the comic and *I* don't read it every day.

Honestly I don't need the extra, ego-tweaking fluff. Saying you've read the comic is plenty enough for me. You don't have to be my biggest fan. No really, it's okay. I enjoy just knowing that people stop in occassionally to visit. Devs, community folks, and company big wigs are the biggest culprits here. I know they've probably stopped in once or twice. (Probably when I said something that annoyed them.) But they're not reading GU "all the time".


When I first wrote this post I left a little bracketed message indicating that I'd probably have more to add to this post as BlizzCon progressed. Sure enough shortly after we got in yesterday we went down to grab our badges and swag bags. The line in front of the convention center was incredible. So, I grabbed the nearest Blizzard person and asked them if there was an entrace for "press". He asked if I was press, which seemed odd to me. Would I have asked otherwise? **shrugs** Anywho, I told him I was "Woody from GU", he asked us to stay put and went inside to check. He came back a couple of minutes later and said that the lines opened at four and that there was a line specifically for press. I knew this to be the case from the two previous BlizzCons. But, I thanked him for the information none the less. If I'd checked the BlizzCon website we wouldn't have been there early. Whoops.

Well as we're turning to walk away he said "I love GU". I nodded but the smile I had on had nothing to do with his apparent adoration. It had everything to do with this very comic/post, which I wrote two days ago. See, if he "loved GU" why didn't he say that in the first place? I figure there's only really two answers to that question: 1. He's been pronouncing it "Goo" all these years instead of "Gee You", or 2. He was blowing smoke up my ass. From this addition to the writeup you can probably guess which of the two I assume to be the case.

Nothing personal Mr. Blizzard Guy (if you're reading this). I was just amused and had to share.

Today's Pimpage: Ted is wearing a "Runnin' Rhino" shirt from Threadless.Com and Woody is wearing an Oak Sling Backpack from Wilson's Leather (Sorry it's out of stock).

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