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Comic for: December 8th, 2008
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At the Store: "Like A Brother"
Posted: Monday December 8th, 2008 by

So this is the comic, or something like it, is what was supposed to be posted last Friday. I wanted to clear the air that it wasn't Brad's choice to terminate Ted's employment. Of course Brad's assurances don't do much to assuage Ted's feelings about being fired. Honestly what could. The question remaining is, does Ted's brother and dog really hate him? Or is he just being a sourpuss.

What I can tell you is that Henry "Hank" Prescott, Ted's brother, is successful and wears a suit to work. So it might not being "hate" so much as it might just be your garden variety disappointment. You know, looking down on his younger brother for working retail into his 30's. (Note: If you ask me... a job is a job.)

Continuing communication with the people that fired you is a tricky proposition. I still occassionally get emails from the guy that fired me, asking for various forms of help. Truth of the matter is, they can't afford me now. And that's not me being bitter. That's just the truth of the situation. Though I will say that, after working for them for free for a few months on a new business venture, then getting fired for "no being dedicated enough", I don't exactly look back on the situation with good humor and cheer.

Which leads to the innevitable question for you guys... do you, or have you maintained communication with someone that has fired you from a job you actually enjoyed?

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