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Comic for: May 22nd, 2008
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Ghost Hunters: "Jason and Grant"
Posted: Thursday May 22nd, 2008 by

In GU Live chat a couple of weeks ago, we were batting around potential joke ideas. And someone asked me to draw Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters. I've seen the show quite a few times so I knew who they were talking about and rolled with it. But, just drawing Jason and Grant doesn't carry a comic. There had to be a reason to draw them. I think they managed to come up with a good reason. **grins**

I wish I'd written down exactly who said it so I could give them the byline specifically. I mean, the Ghost Hunters coming in to help PacMan with his ghost problem? That's funny. Good job GU Live folks!

The new episodes of Ghost Hunters return next Wednesday (5/28) at 9 CST on the SciFi channel.


And if you haven't caught one of the GU Live shows, I usually start sketching around 6pm Mountain (GMT -7). The show length varies but is usually done by 10-10:30. You can watch the feed live here:
http://www.gucomics.com/live or here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gu_live

You can watch the show and read the chat without a uStream account. But, if you'd like to participate in chat, you'll need to be able to log in. And if you use Twitter you can get GU Live updates at http://www.twitter.com/gucomics


Alrighty enough pimpage, back to Wii Fit, Age of Conan and/or Precipice with all of you.

See what I did there? I tossed in more pimpage.

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