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Comic for: May 23rd, 2008
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Everquest: "Okay... Where Am I?"
Posted: Friday May 23rd, 2008 by

The idea I was going to run with for a comic didn't really "feel" right as I began working on it, so I back pedaled a little and turned to the GU Live chat again. One of the folks that had stopped in had a VZ on the end of their name. After years of playing EQ I asked "Vallon Zek", received an answer to the affirmative, and that started a minor discussion about EQ.

Eventually the conversation moved to talking about returning to the game. For me this is an idea I've all but abandonned. I've tried to return from time to time. And each attempt left me feeling like I was farther and farther outside of the loop. The learning curve seemed overwhelming. And ultimately the game felt oddly foreign to me despite the fact that I'd played longer than I'd been away.

That in mind, I sketched up the comic but wasn't completely sold on the idea. I let it sit there as the picasso-esque supporting character spawned a discussion of art. I was pleasantly surprised by how knowledgable folks were and how well the conversation progressed. In the end I decided to "honor" the dicussion by finishing the comic.

So yeah, it's a weird, decidedly random comic but there's a reason behind it. And I'm certain a lot of you can relate to that feeling of overwhelming change after returning to a game you've been absent from for a while.

Oh and the reason for asking about the "vz"? Vallon Zek is the server Vhah started on.

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