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Comic for: May 21st, 2008
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Wii Fit: "Both Valid Questions"
Posted: Wednesday May 21st, 2008 by

Following in the footsteps of the gaming console that spawned it, the Wii Fit (releasing today in North America) is expected to see supply problems. As of this posting Gamestop Online already has an "out of stock" message for the product. Amazon has informed Pre-order customers that delays might be possible. And eBay scalpers have boosted the price of units far beyond reasonable levels. Analysts have also predicted that demand for the Wii Fit might stimulate anyone buying rush for the Wii, making the console even more difficult to find.
Source: Lots! [just google search "Wii Fit shortages"]

I've always liked the idea that the Wii encourages folks to 'get up' and game. So the Wii Fit was an innevitable direction for the console in my mind. Now, I'd like to believe that people could use Wii Fit to help maintain their current level of fitness. But, I think I might be a bit too cynical to believe that folks could get in shape using it. It'll make me really happy if someone proves my cynicism to be misplaced though. That'd be awesome.

In any case it should at leat patially help with those bacon shakes. Mmmm bacon.

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