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Comic for: February 15th, 2008
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Gaming News: "A Few Minor Changes"
Posted: Friday February 15th, 2008 by

I readily admit I'm drawn to gadgets that appeal to my inner geek. Bells and whistles, necessary or not, catch my attention. Yesterday I ran across an article showing a fan-made PSP redesign concept that actually made me form my mouth into circle and utter an appreciative "Oooooooo".
Source: PSP Fanboy [ more info ]

Sure the thing might be a little uncomfortable and it isn't exactly a new design idea (OQO, iRiver, Sidekick). But it sure would go a long way to making the PSP look like something modern rather than a brick with a snazzy screen. Now, keep in mind this is only a fan-made concept image. It's not official on any level. But we can hope that Sony might actually see it and keep it in mind when designing the PSPv2.

At any rate, if the sliding screen concept is designed to speak to our collective, gadget-loving, geekdom, I figured there were probably some other directions we could take the PSP that would really draw folks in. The way I see it, a giant powerloader exosuit would be perfect. Hell, it doesn't have to move or anything. All it has to do is sit there looking like it's fresh from the Ripley vs. Xenomorph Queen fight scene from Aliens. Slap a screen and some buttons in there and I'm sold.
Today's Pimpage: Woody is wearing a "We Are Just Pixels After All" shirt and Ted is wearing a "New World Order" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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