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Comic for: February 14th, 2008
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World of Warcraft: "Stop Crying"
Posted: Thursday February 14th, 2008 by

After I got most of the gear I wanted out of doing PvP, I pretty much stopped going in. Not because I don't like to lose or it's boring or anything like that, but because (and I may have said this before) the incessant whining drives me nuts. Usually I'd just turn off battleground chat, but I don't like the idea of missing an honest call for help, shouts of "incoming", folks telling where they're going to push next, etc.

Usually the whining is based on all-inclusive criticism of every battleground the whiner has been in that day. The sum of his/her frustration is then heaped onto the entire battleground group whether they deserve it or not. If there is an amusing aspect to the blubbering, its that "usually" the very things the person is complaining about are NOT infractions that the current group is committing. OR, the comments are being made by someone not currently in the area of the perceived infraction. That is to say I've often been defending a bunker that I helped capture just to see someone scream out that "no one stays to defend the bunkers they take". Or someone on defense will tell the battle group that "offense needs to just rush across the bridge" when I (being on offense) have tried to rush across the bridge just to be trapped, debuffed, and obliterated by about 15 Alliance because the bridge is a wonderful choke point for such a tactic. Had the person on defense been there, they likely would not have done much better.

And, as I know I've mentioned before... one of my other favorite situations is to see that one little yellow dot move to and capture Snowfall Graveyard only to complain moments later about Offense having not captured Stormpike Graveyard yet. In case you're not in the know and missed my last post about it, this means that every Alliance member that dies above IB choke spawns right in front of the offensive push, usually AT Stormpike Graveyard.

Anyway to touch briefly on the title of this writeup...
I just can't respect sweeping generalizations. Words like "no one", "ever", and "never" are rarely accurate. And slapping descriptors on an entire group of people because a couple of people aren't doing what they're supposed to just isn't fair. Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely that this realization will "sink in" for a person who's given to screaming out criticisms in a video game chat channel.

And as for the comic... it's almost word for what someone said in an AV yesterday. I Was defending Icewing Bunker at the time.

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