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Comic for: August 9th, 2004
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D&D Online: "Save vs. Clever"
Posted: Monday August 9th, 2004 by

When I saw the following news header over at MMORPG.COM:
MMORPG.COM News : D&D Online - A Tour of Eberron
I honestly thought the guys at MMORPG.Com had scored a tour of the D&D Online development house at Turbine. But, reading the rest of the news item I realized that no... it was Gamespy... again. **rolls his eyes**

Now, try not to take my opinion too seriously cause I'm probably influenced by some deep-seeded mental bias that not even I fully understand. But, it extends through IGN straight to Gamespy. **shrugs**

I'm sure Mr. Lopez is on the up and up; so, I'll go ahead and link you guys to his writeup. Besides, it's some of the precious little info about a game that I'm highly anticipating. As an oldschool AD&D whore, I can't wait to get my hands on this game.

So, to put my comic in perspective, I guess you could say I'm poking at Gamespy by splaying a "Go To Hell", indignant look on the Turbine-D&D Online guy's face in response to an ignorant, though typical, comment. I honestly think I'd rather have someone like Ted conducting a tour than ANYONE at Gamespy but again... I'm completely (and unfairly) biased.

The one GREAT thing I take from the writeup are the following remarks:
"I got the distinct impression that the guys there live and breathe this stuff. Rulebooks were strewn about, talk of their in-office D&D campaign was vivid and animated, and their enthusiasm for working directly with Wizards of the Coast was hard to hide. Much like it would be to any group of hardcore D&D players, working on D&D Online is a dream come true, to many of the team members. If the final product can reflect this, then we're in for a treat." Miguel Lopez - Writer, GameSpy PC

The reason I see the comments as "great"? Because he's absolutely right. If that kind of enthusiasm and fanboyism can be translated to the final product, then we'll really have a MMOG D&D environment that stands up to our own D&D experiences. And, that'll be sweet.

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