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Comic for: August 6th, 2004
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Doom 3: "Doom Pansy!"
Posted: Friday August 6th, 2004 by

Today's comic is an offshoot of Khyron's thread regarding Doom 3 the other day.

I figured Doom 3 is a game Ted would be all "hard-ass" about when talking about it, then he'd be completely creeped out once the lights went off. You know... so creeped out that none of you can be hanging off the edge of the bed. So creeped out that you have to be under the covers up to your neck. So creeped out that in that instance of total darkness right before you turn on the bedroom light your brain says "what if". You know... that kind of creeped out. **grins**

Anywho, just want to toss out a thanks to Khyron who accidentally inspired the comic.

Feel free to share your own "so creeped out" idiosyncrasies. I'm sure we all have them. And, they're delightfully fun in their own little ways.

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