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Comic for: August 5th, 2004
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Rubies of Eventide: "Glowing Blue Cylinder of Death"
Posted: Thursday August 5th, 2004 by

As most of you know, I frequent MMORPG.Com. So, when I visited there the other day and saw the message that Rubies of Eventide was "back", I filed through my memory of the ups and downs of this game since it's "release".

When the game was last on the verge of shutting down they miraculously found someone to fund them for another 6 months. And now with that time having slipped right by, one of the developers (if my understanding of the situation is currect) decided he'd host the game himself. Out of his basement.

Barely a day after this news update was posted, the note was added that the site and servers were down due to an enormous response. My guess is that someone underestimated what can be accomplished on a T1 blade. But, I wasn't there to see it, so I don't really know. My guess is that, since I got a mysterious email about the game going live again, I'll get a mysterious email letting me know exactly what's going on right now. And, I will, of course, pass that info on to you guys.

Now, the site is live again (for now) and I would assume the servers are up and running, but the new hosts of the game are kindly requesting your assistance to help keep the game alive. (Read "Donation" Button)

And as for the other "flies" in the comic, I really should be ashamed of myself. Both Horizons and Shadowbane are alive and kicking. Though, I asked Steve Snow a few weeks ago if I could give away a free copy of the game (they sent me two) in order to stir up some interest, and I never heard anything back from him. **shrugs**

I think somewhere in the panel today though, I should have added a dead Earth and Beyond. EA suspended premium services today. And there is precious little time before we reach that September 22nd deadline on which the game will be discontinued all-together. It's a sad thing really. Earth & Beyond is better than some of the other MMOGs out there, but fell victim to an overly saturated MMOG market. Then again, EA might have canned it because there aren't an infinite supply of sports personalities to exploit in it. **shrugs** Just a Woody opinion there. Don't hold me to it.

In the end, I'm really rather fond of my Glowing Blue Cylinder of Electric Death. But, in the coming year, I'm really quite afraid it's going to get burned out on all the casualties.


You'll notice too that the SOE ads are FINALLY up now. Apparently between the marketting, producer, pr, and legal teams of both SOE and Lucas Arts, it's not the easiest thing to get new banners approved. Particularly if they don't blink and flash and such.

I appreciate their effort of TRYING to make the ads funny. Shows a bit of respect for the site and what we're trying to do here. The SOE reps were very understanding of the needs of the GU site and how the focus was to remain ON the comics primarily. Heck, they even understood when I said "No" to OoW ads.

I guess now you guys can tell me the selling of my soul is complete, or some such. Just please try to remember... this is a business and I am still putting the comics FIRST.

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