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Comic for: August 10th, 2004
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Gaming News: "Lusting After Nintendo"
Posted: Tuesday August 10th, 2004 by

I was browsing around the net yesterday when I stumbled across a news Article over at CNN, by their gaming correspondant guy Chris Morris.

Chris reported that Bill expressed his interest in the gaming giant to a German magazine 'Wirtschafts Woche' (Economics Week). To which Nintendo vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, pretty much said "Uhhh no." That's paraphasing. Here's a link to Mr. Morris' article:

So, naturally upon reading this, I HAD to make a comic about it. That's supposed to be Bill on the left there, Perrin on the right, and Chris serving as the instigator back in the background.

Now, the reason I said I'm not sure if it qualifies as news is because... well... if Nintendo became available, Microsoft would not be the only company vying for their properties. Hell, I bet Bill stays up drooling over the idea of acquiring the Gameboy just to wave it in Sony's face! That's a battle that's going to end up bloody. I swear it is. The world is going to see its first corporate war. I'm guessing Sony will be the first one to acquire nukes, but Microsoft would probably be the first to actually use them. I'll uh... stop talking out my ass now. **whistles**

Anywho. I couldn't pass up this comic idea. I tried; really I did. But, I just couldn't shake the "need" to produce it.

So yeah, go and read Chris' article, and while you're there, read some of his other columns. Most of them are enjoyable reads that concern the gaming world. **waves**

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