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Comic for: August 11th, 2004
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The Life of Ted!: "Waiting for Richard"
Posted: Wednesday August 11th, 2004 by

My pal Richard came in to visit me. You know... the guy responsible for Floyd the last time he came to visit.

Anywho, his flight was scheduled to come in a 8:15. With delays and an unexpected refueling stop over, he actually arrived at 11:30 or so. Now, the airport is only about 30-40 minutes from where I currently live. So, I figured he'd come in and I'd get home with plenty enough time for me to do a regular comic. Not so. I knew the the flight was delayed for weather until 9 BEFORE I left the house. But, that still would get me back at a reasonable hour.

Well... I didn't get home until after midnight. So, you get a part of the conversation I had while waiting on Richard.

I was bored so I told my lady friend that I was going to go tell the security guard that my son was missing. I then began to embelish... it went like this:
[ This is not a slam in any way on any one. But, it is completely politically incorrect. I apologize in advance for any offense. ]

"Yeah, I'm gonna say he's about this tall and has two legs. But, one of them is plastic. And since he's still growing we couldn't afford a new prosthetic every few months, so we just got one of those old-people adjustable canes that you click the little buttons in to extend it. So, when he hits a growth spurt we just let it out a little bit. It's pretty cool, when he plays basketball he's got one hell of a pivot foot. But, then again, the last time we went to putt-putt it got stuck in one of the holes. Other players though he was just another obsticle. They'd say stuff like 'alrighty... you gotta swing when his good foot comes around again'."

I rambled on and on. I couldn't help myself. And my lady friend has learned to accept me for my improper little tangents.

So anywho, when I got back home, without a gaming idea to be had, I quickly settled on a scene from the airport. Of course... I let Ted be the bad guy. **whistles**

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