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Comic for: August 12th, 2004
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Anarchy Online: "WTFzor Bish!"
Posted: Thursday August 12th, 2004 by

I was told that they will sometimes call out "Blood!" and well, that's enough to worry me. So, that coupled with someone having told me they tend to have pathing problems, I couldn't resist the comic for today. I'll let you... uhh... put two and two together. **whistles**

For those of you that don't really know much about Anarchy Online, L33Ts are these fuzzy little runts that actually communicate in l33t speak, **rolls his eyes**. Hell, if you pre-order Alien Invasion (the next AO expansion) you can actually select one out of a handful of speciaty L33Ts to serve as a pet.

For me, it's almost worth pre-ordering JUST to get a "Deleet".
[ Click the preorder link and scroll down a bit ]

So yeah, just wanted to get that comic out of my system, it's been lingering in the back of my mind since the last AO strip. And now that it's done, I feel I can move on.

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