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Comic for: August 13th, 2004
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The Life of Ted!: "Stolen Monkey"
Posted: Friday August 13th, 2004 by

The matter of the "realness" of the monkey has been in question since the first monkey comic was posted. And, I'm still a bit unwilling to definately say yes or no as to whether or not the monkey actually exists (within the context of the comic).

So, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw another twist into the dynamic.

My pal Richard left yesterday afternoon; and, I was disappointed to see him go. Good friends are a valuable commodity to me. And, as far as friends go, Richard owns. But, I wouldn't put monkey theft past him though. **grins**

Anywho, despite other people not really understanding it, I think this comic is one of my favorite Ted strips now. The idea of crying out "Khaaaaan!" instead of facing the possibility of a more reasonable explanation, just tickles some funny-bone that lies hidden in my psyche. There's a certain parallel between Ted and Kirk responding to an inescapable "reality"; and, that's where that Khan response came from, atleast for me and, by proxy, Ted.

Lingering questions should be directed at the Monkey Customer Service Department.

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