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Comic for: June 24th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Nice Hat"
Posted: Thursday June 24th, 2004 by

Entering the third phase of beta, I logged in to find my Orc Warrior, Grektholar, naked except for a modesty-protecting loincloth. Now, before this most recent push, Grek was decked out in nice armor, with excellent weapons, rings, etc. I was however given 4.5 gold for my trouble. Problem is, 4.5 gold doesn't come close to replacing the gear I had.

But hey, this is Beta, what're ya gonna do?

So, I took my 4.5 Gold, bought a really nice weapon (better than the one I'd lost) and started doing all my quests again to gear up. Our quest histories had been erased too. **shrugs** I've done the same content 4 times now, and still enjoy it.

Well, before too long, I'd hooked back up with old friends, was invited into their guild, and they started helping me get geared up again. In the list of items I received was this hat. Now, the graphic in my inventory looks like a mongolian, fur-lined helm. But, on my head, it's definately a Fez... and I love it.

So, talking about Grek's fez inspired the conversation you see in today's comic.

For those of you that don't get the references in the comic...
"A little car" is a reference to the shriners and the little cars they drive in parades. (shriners wear tassled fezzes)
"A spider monkey" is a reference to organ grinders and the little monkeys they stereo-typically use to collect money from passers-by. (the monkey usually wears a fez)
"a crowbar to remove my foor from [his] ass" is a reference to me kicking his ass so hard that it gets stuck and needs a prying tool to help dislodge it.

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