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Comic for: June 23rd, 2004
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Dark Age of Camelot: "FREE!"
Posted: Wednesday June 23rd, 2004 by

Yesterday (6/22) Mythic released the RVR expansion pack, "New Frontiers", to the Dark Age of Camelot players free of charge.

But, this isn't the first huge update to the game that players got for free. The Foundations expansion introduced housing into the game at no cost to the players.

So, today's comic is meant to suggest, I guess, the tipping scale of Walter's mental balance. Now, Walter's not responsible for these things being free, neither is Scott Jenning (maybe you know him as Lum the Mad) the other guy in the panel. I think what I'm trying to relate here is an over excitement that may well border on hysteria or complex pyschosis incited by overindulgent activity, also know as "too much of a good thing".

The panel is really a derivative strip based on an email that I got from Walter in response to the EMER comic a few days back. His suggestion was relayed as follows:

You [should] draw a crumpled robot in a sanya wig and t-shirt saying "We will charge for extra bank space" "We want $20 for our RvR expansion." "Paid Housing expansion!" and have me overtop of him with a baseball bat saying "Copper smish!""

And that basically means Walt would be beating down an EMER, disguised as Sanya, for suggesting we pay for services that he (Walt) feels should be free.

In the end, I just wanted to have a comic that said "Dancing hamsters and a plate of biscuits. All you can eat!"
But... this was close enough.

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