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Comic for: June 25th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Got Any Meat?"
Posted: Friday June 25th, 2004 by

Today's comic is kinda an accident. Well, that is to say, it's TODAY'S comic because of an accident. Bah... let me explain.

I logged into WoW to get screenshots from my guildmates for yesterday's comic. And, while I was standing there waiting for the email to come in, some send a shout out through the trade channel "Anyone have any meat?"

Now this is a completely honest question. In WoW, if you take up the cooking tradeskill, you're constantly in search of strange ingredients to make various foods, etc.

Well, that kind of question only stays honest until someone else says "Well, that's a loaded question". Which, of course, draws up a whole new connotation. I couldn't resist making a comic out of it. It hits at the heart of our more purient sense of humor. And, well... every once in a while a comic just has to do that.

So, I sent a /whisper to the two participants and told them I wanted to use the comments as the basis of a comic. Hell, I even got them to come to me so I could take screenshots and draw them into the comic itself.

I told them "It'll probably be up this Friday". Problem was, my brain was telling me that it was Tuesday night, not Wednesday night. Meaning, I thought there would be room for a comic from a different game between the two WoW strips. **smacks his forehead**

But, I'm a man of my word, so there it is. An innocent question followed up by a snide comment adopted by a retarded web cartoonist who doesn't know what day it is despite the fact he does a comic 5 days a week. **sighs**

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