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Comic for: July 12th, 2004
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EverQuest II: "After Midnight"
Posted: Monday July 12th, 2004 by

A few days ago, you guys started this thread in which Blurr likened the EQ2 Iksars to Gremlins. Junior quickly responded saying that it was the trolls that bore that particular likeness; and, I agree.

I've known for a while that the EQ2 Trolls look like poo. But, I'd never drawn the above stated parallel. It all seems perfectly clear NOW of course, and the comic is how expect many a troll conversation will go down. And, I'd be willing to bet there will be atleast ONE troll, with a white mohawk, named "Stripe".

And the trolls aren't the only ones. The screenshots we've seen are not doing the models justice. I'm sure you guys remember me railing on them before (particularly the armor). But, I saw Blakely demo'ing EQ2 when I went to the Guild Summit, and let me tell you... it was fabulous. I was thuroughly impressed. I hadn't seen graphics THAT good since visiting Sigil and getting a look at Vanguard.

In my opinion, the models are much better than most folk might believe. I do still take exception to some of them (like the Trolls) but that's to be expected out of a picky jackass like me!

Thanks Blurr, Junior, and the rest of the forum goers for helping to make this joke.

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