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Comic for: July 9th, 2004
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Asheron's Call II: "Turbine Nation"
Posted: Friday July 9th, 2004 by

I got an email from Robert Ferrari, the Executive Director of Marketting at Turbine, a while back letting me know that he'd like to see Asheron's Call in GU. Well, I responded by asking him for ideas since I've never played the game. As of yet, he hasn't sent any. **grins**

So, I've been looking for AC and AC2 material since then and couldn't find anything... until I hit their site today and saw the information for Turbine Nation 2004. It's basically a gathering this August for the folks that play Turbine games.

Today's Comic is your standard "Welcome to GU" initiation jab. It's me poking at the number of people that actually play the game. And the punchline serves the dual role of prodding Turbine over AC2 attendance at Turbine Nation, and oh so subtly jab of implying that they don't know how to build a game.

Now... I know I'm gonna get some email from them, and from some of you AC2 players over this, so let me just say up front that:

I have no idea how many people play the game. I have no idea how fun the game is. I'm just hazing in the new addition. Feel free to share your enjoyment of the game with us.

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